Tailored programs to unite your team and lead with purpose.




About Us

Siobhan Turney, Founding Director

Siobhan is an expert in social dynamics, recognised for her expertise in leadership and learning. I facilitate positive culture change through strategic partnering, effective coaching and purposeful leadership.

Siobhan's experience and natural, vibrant style adds value and delivers measurable outcomes for every leader, team and business she works with.

At Interclan, we set businesses up for success; uniting their clans and inspiring them to lead with purpose.

Connecting Leaders and Teams to Their Purpose

InterClan will partner with your business to:

  • DISCOVER its unique cultural dynamics
  • UNITE the workforce by clarifying the purpose and creating a People Plan and
  • ALIGN leaders from across all business areas so they are prepared for whatever the future may hold.

Our Programs

Leadership Coaching

Empowering leaders to work purposefully towards their aspirations and goals while resolving personal barriers along the way.

Creating Clans

We examine the social dynamics within teams and create strong foundations for functional, trusting relationships.

Purposeful Leadership

Facilitating conversations, amplifying strengths and building capabilities aligned to cultural aspirations of the business.

Clan Culture

We help formulate a strategic People Plan that promotes a healthy culture where people thrive, create and succeed.

Connect Your Purpose

Work with us to improve the leadership capabilities and culture within your team.